Weekend in Whitby” essay featured in The Wanderlust Within travel book, May 2021.

Developing with Death” creative nonfiction published in Gothic Nature Journal Issue 2, March 2021.

The Smoke from Salem” creative nonfiction published in The Dillydoun Review Issue 2.1, March 2021.

Fallen Firs” creative nonfiction published in Wild Roof Journal Issue 6, January 2021.

Nature’s Lasting Lesson” creative nonfiction published in The Showbear Family Circus, January 2021.

The Heater” creative nonfiction published in The Write Launch, December 2020.

Sexism Overseas” nonfiction published in Route 7 Review p. 79, December 2020.

The Colonization of Indigenous Women in the USA” essay published in Red Flag International Magazine, 2018

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: A Guiding Light or a Continuation of Power Relations?” essay published on London International Development Centre‘s blog, 2018.


Final Moments” poem published in Humana Obscura Literary Magazine Issue 2, 2021.

No Different From Us” poem published in “A tribute to Lord Byron” poetry book, Wingless Dreamer, 2021.

Two poems published in Humana Obscura Literary Magazine, 2020.


Nature’s Layers” in Tiny Seed Literary Journal, December 2020


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