Writing to release, sharing for self-gratification, Micaela Edelson discusses the environmental and social turmoil that our profit-prioritizing paradigm has induced.

The lasting lesson of nature and the one doctrine that will surpass our synthetic legacy is the universal and inextricable need for connection. To our detriment, we are failing to follow the harmonious interconnection and dependence that nature preaches and the lessons they lend.  

Eclipsing our role as organisms on this planet to designers of its fate, then isolating ourselves first as a species then as an individual, we can only look to interrupted linkages in the natural world to foreshadow our fate from imbalanced interconnection. 

Have we not the foresight to see that if we are created in the image of nature, emerging from her tributaries and tree branches to carry oxygen through our veins, that our fate as a species will follow the fate we have set for our planet? For us to witness ecosystem collapse or the impact of a single slain species on the rest, and not realize it is nature’s canary warning of the noxious gas in the coalmine we have created for ourselves, has confirmed our blindness beyond us, our blindness to nature’s lasting lesson of interconnection. We will face Autumn’s final fall soon enough.