Had the Virus Not Come

Had the virus not come, we would all be fine,Our congress could indulge in their free wine and dines. Had the virus not come, we’d all get alongEven while Fox News’ regular programming stays on. Had the virus not come, our market would be booming.Profit preceding planet, despite the climate crisis looming. Had the virusContinue reading “Had the Virus Not Come”


We often conceive of the world as only one way and it is the way in which we perceive it. But most of us acknowledge that we have different perceptions and values—that’s why we have different religions and different political parties and different food preferences. When we don’t accept others’ perspectives as truths, we createContinue reading “Empathize”

The Water-Energy-Food nexus: A guiding light or a continuation of power relations?

Increasingly, policy-makers are using the emerging concept, water-energy-food nexus, to address issues of resource insecurity as interlinked systems by mainly focusing on the role of water. Unfortunately, power relations have framed this nexus idea. As such, it has severe implications for marginalised populations.

Philanthrocapitalism: The billionaires’ ploy

In this post, I argue that many philanthropists don’t act altruistically to resolve global issues but rather act to support their own agenda even if it does little to benefit those who are suffering.


Thank you all for legitimizing this platform for me to share my voice. Now I want to discuss something very important to me and something I believe should be discussed more openly and constructively: cookie preferences. I am disappointed that some people are told at birth that the oatmeal raisin cookie is the best cookie,Continue reading “Cookies”