Spilled ink.

Had the Virus Not Come

Had the virus not come, we would all be fine,Our congress could indulge in their free wine and dines. Had the virus not come, we’d all get alongEven while Fox News’ regular programming stays on. Had the virus not come, our market would be booming.Profit preceding planet, despite the climate crisis looming. Had the virus not come, our lifestyles: still thriving,Shuffling through schedules, successfully surviving. Had the virus not come, teachers wouldn’t fret.Out-of-pocket supply suppliers; their choice, their debt. Had the virus not come, our poor’d have no ills,Nor health insurance, nor hope insurance, just piles of bills. Had the … Continue reading Had the Virus Not Come

The Sea

How calming is the seaWhen its effects are confined to direct confrontation?How much can the waves carry?When forces are at odds?

Until We All Can’t Breathe

Submissive shadows Stand at the door, Watching with judgment: Is freedom worth war? Screams were once whispers, Knees fixed to the floor, Breathless conversations, Cotton business so it goes. Weep for the wounded From the white of your bed. Only pray for disruption While the sidewalks turn red. Defenses from Defenseless, Dreams still denied. Swing low and swing hard, So the cagebird can’t cry. Uncuff the complex, Castrate the chain, Feel the fear of existence, Taste the plea of their pain. Pick up the fallen, Allow space to grieve, Choke out the system Until we all can’t breathe.