Competing Oppression: A Diversion for Divisions

According to social justice activist and political-philosopher Iris Marion Young, there are five faces of oppression that an oppressed social group can experience: exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, violence, and cultural imperialism. Exploitation looks at how wealth is unequally distributed and is persistent in institutional structures; Marginalization is the exclusion of people or social groups from economicContinue reading “Competing Oppression: A Diversion for Divisions”


We often conceive of the world as only one way and it is the way in which we perceive it. But most of us acknowledge that we have different perceptions and values—that’s why we have different religions and different political parties and different food preferences. When we don’t accept others’ perspectives as truths, we createContinue reading “Empathize”

Power, Narratives, & “Wild Africa”

Power relations inform knowledge production and perpetuate narratives that uphold destructive hierarchical power structures in the context of our narratives surrounding the great continent of Africa.

How to cope when the world is broke

Every day, our Facebook feeds and news sources remind us of the inequality, poverty, environmental disasters, and general suffering that are occurring all around us. However, succumbing to the rising tides of global shit does nothing but drown yourself and ease the way for more vulnerable people to also drown.


Thank you all for legitimizing this platform for me to share my voice. Now I want to discuss something very important to me and something I believe should be discussed more openly and constructively: cookie preferences. I am disappointed that some people are told at birth that the oatmeal raisin cookie is the best cookie,Continue reading “Cookies”