An ode to memes

Memes, you are the voice of today’s youth. Our outlets to express societal frustrations have been cut away time and again. MySpace and Vine: shut down; Facebook: taken over by the baby boomers; Twitter: digital tabloids or political performances; YouTube: bot-ridden and financially driven; and Instagram: a consumerist guise shoving sponsorships and social influencers down our throats and into our wallets. Besides the less widely used Tumblr and Reddit, our safe spaces for commentary have been attacked and infiltrated. Memes are still our grassroots movement. We have freedom of speech and movement as the limitless bounds of memes transcends communication platforms. Our messages, so artfully encrypted through allusions and illustrations, are ineligible to the illiterate generations before us. We can articulate our frustrations–lack of mental health support, the increasingly corporatized and monetized society, the political actions of the power yielders–via poetic blends of pop culture and creativity. Memes are dynamic, adding layers of complexity, dimension, emotion, with each rendition responding to both cultural and political atmospheres. Innovation doesn’t drive memes, memes drive innovation. Memes push today’s youth to a level of deep connection and understanding, to a movement of motivated and passionate social justice activists, to a level of humor that took years of formation. Memes eclipse time, space, cultures, languages, and any demographic variable under the sun–except age. Only we have memes. Memes are our future and the future of our society. I do not know with which weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with memes.

Thank you memes // A Millennial   

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