Thank you all for legitimizing this platform for me to share my voice. Now I want to discuss something very important to me and something I believe should be discussed more openly and constructively: cookie preferences.

I am disappointed that some people are told at birth that the oatmeal raisin cookie is the best cookie, and instead of trying the other cookies and formulating their own opinion, they blindly accept this and limit their entire existence. Unless one exposes themselves to as many different cookie flavors as possible (lemon drop, oreo, red velvet), they are blindly and ignorantly holding onto a flavor that might not actually be their most preferred. The more flavors one tries, the more informed is their opinion.

Now some people, once they try a better flavor, go from fervently praising one cookie to bashing that cookie and it’s supporters wholeheartedly and reattaching their fervent passion to this new and exciting flavor. Can’t you see why some people still prefer snickerdoodle? Didn’t you at one point devote all your deserts to this cookie? Are you sure that there’s not another cookie flavor around the corner that will outshine your new found love for peanut butter cookies?

Trying new cookie flavors does not mean your opinion will necessarily change. And if everyone tried every possible cookie flavor combination, different preferences will still exist. Some people prefer oatmeal raisin for its texture and healthiness, other people are all in for double chocolate chip because it’s richness and the way it melts in your mouth when it’s warm. Regardless of which cookie you like, your preference is valid. The problem arises when others try to exert their preferred flavor on you. How boring would the world be if there was only one cookie flavor? Not to mention, the world would run out of macadamia nuts if everyone loved white chocolate chip macadamia or peanuts if peanut butter was the exclusively chosen cookie! We need diverse preferences to maintain stability. Some people don’t even have a preference or change their preference depending on the day, and that’s okay.

In all, we need to respect each other’s cookie preferences while still being open to expanding our own repertoire of cookie flavors. Maybe our views will change, or maybe we will understand why someone holds their own.

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